Audiences have traits that tell them apart

Saturday July 22 2023

When you have an idea of the kind of personality you are going to deal with, you can model your communication style to align with the personality of the audience. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK


Last week we looked at the DISC behavioural model that analyses human behaviour and personality from four dimensions — Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. These four personality types have also been classified into colours — Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Last week we examined the dominant red personality, their traits and how to relate with them. Today we explore another personality type.

We are going down this route to start with because many people are struggling with how best to communicate, and the DISC model gives us a great gift: at the core of effective communication is the fact that communication must always be in a language that the audience understands and appreciates. When you have an idea of the kind of personality you are going to deal with, you can model your communication style to align with the personality of the audience.

Imagine walking into a room filled with strangers and feel a little uneasy. Suddenly, a person enters the room, and their energy is so infectious you can’t help but feel your own mood lift. The kind of person who immediately makes you feel welcome and comfortable — as if you’ve been friends for years.

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These are the ones who can light up a party with their charm and charisma. They are natural storytellers, and their enthusiasm is contagious. They have an uncanny ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Genuine interest


What’s truly remarkable about yellow personalities is their talent for building lasting relationships. They are not just interested in making casual acquaintances — they genuinely care about the people in their lives. They take the time to check in on loved ones and go out of their way to make them feel special.

First, Yellows thrive on positivity, so maintaining an optimistic and cheerful demeanour will resonate well with them. Avoid dwelling on negative or serious topics too long, as they prefer to focus on the brighter side of life. You must also be a good listener and since Yellows love to talk, let them. Be their audience and appreciate each point they make with nods, affirming sounds and expressions to show you really are in the conversation with them. They appreciate being heard so you need to be attentive to their stories and anecdotes.
Yellows love sharing their experiences and tales, often answering questions with colourful narratives.

Give them space to express themselves and enjoy the journey they take you on. It’s through storytelling that they often convey their thoughts and emotions. It is also important to maintain a light-hearted atmosphere around them.

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Yellows appreciate a light and fun atmosphere, so inject humour and levity into the conversation. Laughter and playful banter create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for all parties.

Yellows thrive on positive reinforcement and feeling appreciated. Offer genuine compliments, acknowledge their contributions to the conversation. Let them express themselves and avoid interrupting or redirecting the conversation, as this dampens their enthusiasm.
Reds cannot sustain their success without Yellows. Every organisation needs the empathy and camaraderie and inspiration that come from Yellows. If you have a team with only red power flowing, people will hit their targets for a while but, lethargy will set in.

People get fatigued and ultimately the health of the team suffers. This opens the door for toxicity in the office and silos where people look for the listening ear of Yellows. Where there are Yellows without Reds, there will be so much inspiration but little to show when it comes to actual performance and delivery. This is why few motivational speakers achieve the results they tell others are possible.

Wale Akinyemi is the founder of the Street University Email: [email protected]; Threads @realwaleakinyemi