Tales of legends from Ugandan folklore compiled for young readers

Sunday June 04 2023

Mighty Angwech and Other Stories by Christine Butegwa is published by Ibua Publishing and Threestone Production. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK


Female legends of Ugandan folklore and their adventures are now in a form accessible to young readers in Mighty Angwech and Other Stories by Christine Butegwa.
The 76-page collection of folktales that is divided into three parts: Mighty Angwech; Courageous Nakku and Curious Atile.

Mighty Angwech follows the journey of a young tall, beautiful and brave woman, Angwech, who rallies her village to resist a neighbouring threat.

At first, elders dismissed Angwech’s offer to join in the fight, telling her to go back to her mother and learn how to cook. When their young men continued dying in battles the elders called Angwech, and gave her the remaining band of warriors to command.

Angwech used her hunting skills to devise a plan to outwit the enemy raiders, who were to pass through a swamp and a thick forest.

Her warriors released bees from their nests, noose traps and flying stone traps when the enemies advanced through the swamp and forest. She and her small band of warriors outwitted the fierce enemy raiders.

The enemy raiders abandoned the cattle they had stolen and never attacked Lango again. She had become the greatest warrior and was crowned the first female village chief of the clan.


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In Courageous Nakku, Nakku must choose between her kingdom and family as her loyalty to both and courage are tested.

Curious Atile tells the story of Atile, who was a curious girl who liked cooking and trying out new recipes. Every evening, Atile and her family would make a big meal for the villagers to enjoy as they learned these new farming skills.

The villagers would leave for their home immediately after the meal was done. Atile did not like to see them leave. She wished she could do something to make them stay longer every evening. She also wished to have a refreshment to serve them along with her meals.

It is this drink that lands her in prison, and it is only the chief who comes to her aid – and in doing so, leads the community to prosperity.

The book, which comes with a colouring section, is published by Ibua Publishing and Threestone Production and sells for Ushs45, 000 ($12).