Widow of Brazilian football legend Pele to inherit 30pc of his assets

Wednesday March 08 2023
Brazilian football legend Pele

Brazilian football legend Pele who died on December 29, 2022. PHOTO | BENEDIKT VON LOEBELL | WEF VIA AFP


“The widow of late football legend Pele will inherit 30 percent of his assets, according to his will, which also mentions a woman who could be Pele's unrecognized daughter,” the widow's lawyer, Luiz Kignel, told AFP on Tuesday. 

According to her lawyer, the will states that Marcia Cibele Aoki, Pele's third and last wife, would inherit his mansion in Guaruja, a seaside resort town south of Sao Paulo, where the couple lived.

“Other assets belonging to Pele, who died aged 82 after battling cancer in late December 2022, include more real estate and a stake in the Pele brand,” Kignel said, adding that a complete inventory was yet to be made.

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The remaining 70 percent was reserved for Pele's children, including an unrecognized daughter that he may had.

"He indicated the possibility of the existence of another daughter, whose recognition will depend on a DNA test, which could not be carried out on Pele due to the pandemic and the state of his health," Kignel said.


According to Kignel, the woman in question is a Brazilian national and she has taken legal steps to be recognized as Pele's daughter.

In September 2022, a court in Sao Paulo ordered Pele to submit to a DNA test, according to Brazilian G1 website. The test must now be performed on one of his seven recognized children.