WaterForce Africa's journey in transforming water solutions in East Africa

Thursday March 28 2024

Goldseal residence Limited, a sea water desalination plant in Mombasa, Kenya. PHOTO | COURTESY

By Waterforce Africa

In the vibrant heart of East Africa, where the challenge of water scarcity looms large, WaterForce Africa emerges as a beacon of innovation and resilience.

Guided by the visionary leadership of Mr Shivanand Poojari, a figure whose journey from a seasoned General Electric professional to a passionate Tanzanian citizen epitomises a deep-rooted commitment to fostering local expertise and empowering youth.

WaterForce Africa's mission transcends mere water treatment; it embodies the nurturing of a skilled generation poised to spearhead sustainable practices across the continent.

Merging vision with service: The WaterForce Africa Ethos

WaterForce Africa transcends its role as a premier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the water treatment realm, expanding into a comprehensive provider of bespoke water solutions.

With an array of services spanning custom-designed water treatment plants, system optimisation, maintenance, and crucial support services such as plant audits, spares, chemicals, and robust training programs, WaterForce Africa champions the cause of water quality and sustainability across the continent.


Mr Poojari emphasises, "Our commitment extends beyond delivering state-of-the-art water treatment solutions. We're cultivating a skilled workforce, grounded in practical experience, to lead Africa's water sustainability efforts."


Mr Shivanand Poojari, Managing Director of Waterforce Africa. PHOTO | COURTESY

This ethos not only showcases the company's dedication to technological excellence but also highlights Mr Poojari's profound belief in the transformative power of local talent and field-based learning.

"Each project we embark on is not just about providing communities with access to clean water; it's about empowering young Tanzanians with the toolkit for innovation in the water sector. We bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge they've acquired from institutions like VETA Tanzania and the practical, hands-on experience they gain with us," Mr Poojari articulates.

"It’s this synergy of theory and practice that truly equips them to drive sustainable water solutions forward."

Transformative projects: WaterForce Africa in action

The embodiment of Mr Shivanand Poojari's visionary ethos is vividly showcased in WaterForce Africa's diverse array of transformative projects. These initiatives are crafted to address the unique requirements of their clients, confronting the pervasive challenges to water treatment and ensuring sustainability throughout the region.

"Our projects are a testament to our commitment to empower communities with sustainable water solutions," Mr Poojari states, emphasizing the depth of WaterForce Africa's mission.

From the installation of advanced reverse osmosis systems in bustling urban settings to the introduction of groundbreaking wastewater treatments in secluded mining locales, each project underscores WaterForce Africa's dedication to improving water accessibility and quality.

"We're not just solving today's water issues; we're investing in the resilience and autonomy of communities for generations ahead," Mr Poojari reflects on the broader impact of their work.

Incorporating local expertise and hands-on experience at every project stage ensures that the solutions offered are environmentally sustainable, culturally respectful, and economically beneficial.

Mr Poojari notes, "By marrying local insights with our technological prowess, we ensure our initiatives are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the communities we serve." This approach not only amplifies the effectiveness of water management strategies but also champions a sustainable development paradigm, guiding communities towards a future where clean water is foundational to growth and well-being.

Under Mr Poojari's leadership, WaterForce Africa is marking its territory in the water treatment industry and further laying down a sustainable framework for future water security.

"Every step we take is aimed at creating a lasting legacy of clean, accessible water - this is the core of our mission at WaterForce Africa," Mr Poojari concludes, envisioning a prosperous future shaped by strategic water management and community empowerment.

Innovative initiatives: Addressing water demands

WaterForce Africa is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the pressing water demands of today’s communities. Mr Poojari notes, "By marrying local insights with our technological prowess, we ensure our initiatives are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the communities we serve."

This commitment heralds a new era of water management in East Africa, as Mr Poojari adds, "Every step we take is aimed at creating a lasting legacy of clean, accessible water - this is the core of our mission at WaterForce Africa."

To add to this, Mr Poojari sheds light on the underlying challenges of global water scarcity, explaining, "While two-thirds of the planet is covered by water, most of it exists as saline in oceans, necessitating desalination processes for consumption and agriculture."

He elaborates on various contributing factors such as population growth, climate change, overuse, pollution, inefficient management practices, and economic and political factors.

WaterForce Africa's Multi-Faceted approach to addressing water scarcity

WaterForce Africa's initiatives to combat water scarcity are multifaceted, as Mr Poojari highlights, "Our initiatives focus on leveraging advanced water treatment technologies to ensure safe drinking water while simultaneously reducing operational costs."

He emphasizes the importance of partnerships, stating, "WaterForce Africa has tied up with global leaders who design and manufacture high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices for fresh, brackish, and seawater reverse osmosis systems."

Additionally, WaterForce Africa is actively exploring sectors like agriculture and processing industries to address water demands effectively.


Workers pose for a picture at EKATERRA Tea estates project. PHOTO | COURTESY

Mr Poojari shares, "By prioritising agricultural efficiency, we aim to introduce innovative irrigation technologies and practices that will enable farmers to utilise water more effectively." He underscores the company's commitment to community-based projects aimed at water stewardship.

Reflecting on WaterForce Africa's role in Tanzania's water sector, Mr Poojari states, "Organisations like WaterForce Africa, in collaboration with the government, can play a crucial role in bridging this gap by implementing efficient water distribution networks and ensuring that clean water reaches every corner of the nation."

A unified future: Innovation meets sustainability

Looking to the future, WaterForce Africa's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community empowerment heralds a new era of water management in East Africa. The company's ongoing projects and future endeavors under Mr Poojari's leadership are not just about addressing the water needs of today but are laying the foundation for a future where water scarcity is no longer a barrier to development.

Through this dedicated effort, WaterForce Africa is not merely pioneering water treatment solutions; it is securing a legacy of water abundance and sustainability for generations to come, ensuring that clean, safe water is recognised and realised as a fundamental human right across East Africa.

WaterForce key projects

Shanta Gold Limited's Wastewater Treatment Plant: This initiative is an example to the application of Trickling Filter Technology to treat 70,000 liters of sewage daily. Designed to meet stringent environmental regulations, the plant is a critical component of Shanta Gold's Singida Project, underlining WaterForce Africa's capability in delivering solutions that are as environmentally responsible as they are technologically advanced.

SEA Water Desalination at Goldseal Residences, Kenya: Demonstrating WaterForce Africa's prowess in desalination technology, this project involves a fully automatic 4,000 LPH Sea-Water Desalination Plant. Featuring advanced energy recovery systems and high-pressure pumps, the project exemplifies the company's commitment to providing low-cost, sustainable water solutions for residential complexes in Mombasa, Kenya.

Mkwawa Tobacco Processors Ltd: This project involved designing, supplying, installing, and commissioning a fully automatic pre-treatment and softening plant for boiler water treatment. WaterForce Africa's solution addressed the critical quality requirements with innovative technology, ensuring the tobacco processing plant operates efficiently and sustainably.


Workers operating a machine at Mkwawa Tobacco Processors Ltd. PHOTO | COURTESY

Barrick Gold Corporation - Bulyanhulu Gold Mine: A landmark project where WaterForce Africa designed and implemented a 40,000 LPH fully automatic, containerized ultra-filtration plant. The solution catered to both potable and drinking water needs at the mine site, tackling the challenge of water contamination with unparalleled efficiency.


Workers pose for a picture at Barrick gold corporation- Bulyanhulu gold mine project. PHOTO | COURTESY

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