Online casino licensing criteria in Kenya

Monday September 12 2022

Unlicensed online casinos risk being shut down. PHOTO | MARKUS SPISKE | UNSPLASH

Kenyan Regulator: Majority of Online Casino Operators Do Not Meet Licensing Criteria

The Kenyan online casino industry is one of the leading African gambling markets. Players have plenty of operators at their disposal, thanks to a regulated market. However, several operators have failed to meet regular audits and licensing requirements. Therefore, the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya will take strict measures toward those companies to ensure a safe and secure environment for Kenyan players.

How to Find Trustworthy Online Casinos in Kenya?

The gambling industry in Kenya has bloomed over the past few years. Many factors have contributed to its growth, and market regulation is among the most important ones. Nowadays, the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya regulates the market and issues licenses to all operators that meet defined criteria. Of course, the penetration of the internet and smartphones saw an increased number of players at online casinos in Kenya. Nevertheless, not all of them are trustworthy and safe.

If you plan to register for an account at an online casino, you should make sure that it is legal and reliable. Nowadays, it is not hard to find them, thanks to the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya licensing. Also, you can find trustworthy online casinos presented on this page since they are the best ones in Kenya. Those are legal casino sites in Kenya that meet all requirements set up by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. Therefore, you don't need to spend time wandering around online to find reliable online casinos in Kenya since you have them in one place.

Unlicensed Online Casinos Risk Being Shut Down


Earlier this year, the Kenyan authorities set the compliance rules for all gambling companies needing to renew their licenses or have applied for new ones. It was a result of the investigation of rumours that gambling companies have financially supported some political parties instead of channelling funds to CSR activities. Therefore, all gambling operators should disclose their CSR activities when applying for a license. The Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya thus started to build a list of unlicensed operators in the country according to Interior Secretary Fred Matiang'I's instructions. Furthermore, the Communications Authority of Kenya should block ICT platforms and services for those operators that haven't secured a license.

According to the BCLB reports, the majority of applicants haven't met the required criteria. They should have clearance from:

  • The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
  • The Interagency security team
  • The Financial Reporting Centre
  • The Communications Authority

Nevertheless, gambling companies that failed to secure a license can re-submit their applications upon all criteria are met. Otherwise, they cannot operate in Kenya and offer their gambling activities to Kenyan players.

Benefits From Playing at Reliable Casino Sites

Although these regulations might cause a decrease in the number of available operators in Kenya, it is a positive step to securing a safe gaming environment for all players. Reliable casino sites have appropriate licenses to operate their businesses within Kenya and comply with all regulations. Players shouldn't worry about the fairness of games available in trustworthy online casinos since they are regularly audited. Licensed online casinos have partnered with respected software developers to provide top-quality games to their customers.

Moreover, players who enjoy gaming in legal online casinos are not at risk of being treated unfairly. On the other hand, if customers have doubts about online casino fairness, they can always reach out to authorities and have legal protection. Gambling platforms also need to comply with high-security standards and ensure customers' sensitive data is properly processed. Therefore, online casinos apply several technical measures to ensure your data is secure, including personal and banking information. SSL encryption, several levels of firewalls, and other features are there to keep you safe from any unauthorised access to your sensitive information.

Since we have already mentioned banking information, reliable online casinos in Kenya offer a variety of trusted payment methods. They cooperate with payment processors ensuring your transactions are accurate and safe. Players have several options available to load their accounts at an online casino and withdraw their winnings if they are lucky enough. On the other hand, unlicensed online casinos cannot guarantee a safe environment for their customers, and that is the main reason why you should avoid them.

The Impact on the Kenyan Economy

Authorities in Kenya have recognised the potential of the gambling industry growth and decided to regulate the market. The online gambling sector is a very lucrative industry, and the government wants its piece of the cake. The Kenyan economy is on the course of continuous growth, and the government seeks ways to accelerate it more. On the other hand, if the market remained unregulated, only the online casinos offering their services would enjoy benefits from the gambling industry.

Nowadays, gambling generates a big portion of revenue for the Kenyan government, measured in millions of dollars. Since that trend will likely continue, the authorities can count on a safe source of income and fund other sectors like health, education, or infrastructure. Proceeds from online gambling taxes can be used to propel the growth of different industries and secure their continuous investment.

The government has recently changed the taxing policy in the gambling industry, and some big names left the market. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of trustworthy online casinos in Kenya to cater to all players. Despite these slight setbacks, the Kenyan gambling industry will continue to grow. Other factors, like technological advancements, smartphone penetration, and demographic trends, will continue accelerating the gambling industry's growth.

The Future of Legal Casino Sites in Kenya

Many experts consider that the Kenyan gambling market will continue its expansion. The population in Kenya is getting younger, and they can be potential consumers of the gaming industry. On the other hand, the market is regulated, and big international companies realize the potential of the Kenyan gaming sector. Therefore, they started investing more, which could bring more jobs to the Kenyan people. Kenyans started embracing tech advancements more than ever, and these improvements will also help the industry to grow. Eventually, the Kenyan economy will also benefit from the gambling industry's expansion since it will increase tax revenue.


Trustworthy online casinos can only bring benefits to the Kenyan gambling market and economy. They should provide a secure platform for their customers and ensure fairness. The regulated market will continue attracting reputable international companies, which see a big commercial potential in the Kenyan gambling market. Tax proceeds will help the economy to boost its revenue, while players will have fair chances of hitting a life-changing prize! We could see Kenya becoming a real force in the global gambling market in the future.