Faras feature that is creating a buzz in town

Thursday January 25 2024

A picture illustration showing a FARAS application feature. PHOTO | COURTESY


In the ever-evolving landscape of Kenya's on-demand taxi economy, traditional businesses are seizing unprecedented opportunities to connect with new customers. One of the most transformative impacts has been felt in the taxi sector, where online taxi services have not only disrupted the conventional model but have also created job opportunities.

The dynamic nature of this industry, driven by innovation and the promise of substantial revenue, has turned it into a thriving environment that caters to the mobility needs of residents and citizens alike.

Responding to the evolving demands of its clients, FARAS, a recent entrant in the market, has a loyalty program named FarasMiles as a feature in their app.

FarasMiles is a loyalty program that seeks to reward clients with points for every trip completed.

This strategic move reflects the company's commitment to not only providing reliable transportation services but also enhancing the overall customer experience.

As a part of the FarasMiles program, first-time clients who download the FARAS app are greeted with a generous welcome bonus of Ksh200 in their FarasMiles wallet. This initial reward sets the stage for a user-friendly and rewarding journey with FARAS.


Whether it's hopping on a boda-boda, requesting a Faras economy or Faras Comfort, a key incentive for users is the opportunity to receive up to 10 percent cashback on every ride, contributing to the accumulation of their FarasMiles balance.

FarasMiles are not just a token of appreciation; they hold tangible value for users. One FarasMile is equivalent to one Kenyan Shilling (Ksh).

Users can convert their accumulated FarasMiles into practical rewards such as data bundles, airtime, and even direct withdrawals to Mpesa.

With an active balance of 100 FarasMiles, users can convert it to 1GB worth of data bundles or Ksh100 worth of airtime.

Users have the flexibility to withdraw their FarasMiles directly to Mpesa, with a minimum withdrawal amount of Ksh300 with an active balance of 310 FarasMiles and Ksh500 with an active balance of 510 FarasMiles.

In conclusion, FarasMiles is not just a loyalty program; it represents FARAS's commitment to providing added value to its customers. FARAS is not only enhancing customer retention through FarasMiles, but it’s also redefining the standards of customer engagement in the ride-hailing industry.

As FARAS continues to innovate, the FarasMiles loyalty program stands as a testament to the company's dedication to creating a seamless and gratifying transportation experience for every user.