NMG foundation signs partnership to impact communities

Monday September 04 2023

L-R: Impact Philanthropy Africa's Program Advisor Francis Njangiru, CEO Patricia Mugambi Ndegwa, Nation Media Group's CEO Stephen Gitagama, Daisy Maritim Maina, Manager Nation Media Foundation and Clifford Machoka, Head of External Affairs pose for a photo holding a dummy certificate at Nation Centre during the Nation Media Foundation-Impact Philanthropy Africa membership signing on August 29, 2023. PHOTO | WILFRED NYANGARESI | NMG


The Nation Media Foundation (NMF) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Impact Philanthropy Africa to collaborate and strengthen their efforts to impact communities.

NMF, the social impact arm of the Nation Media Group (NMG), is focused on five areas: education and literacy; environmental conservation and resource management; healthcare advancement, media advancement and community enhancement through entrepreneurship and humanitarian aid.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, NMG Chief Executive Stephen Gitagama expressed his excitement about joining hands with Impact Philanthropy Africa, highlighting that within its first year, NMF has already gained recognition in community service.

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“It is a good sign that in the first year we are rubbing shoulders with the mighty and high in this world of serving the community. When we launched the foundation, we said there are several things that the foundation will focus on, and we are on track on those issues. One of the issues was education and literacy, which is at the heart of Nation Media Groups commitment,” he said.

The partnership, Gitagama says, will drive positive change and societal transformation.


“The whole thing of us working together fits very well with our African philosophy because in Africa, we say if you want to go fast you go alone, but if you want to go far you go with the people. I am sure we will serve our community and we will be able to transform our society because that is our purpose in NMG, and through NMF, we will ensure that transformation happens,” he said.

Power of partnerships

Patricia Ndegwa, head of secretariat at Impact Philanthropy Africa, was optimistic that the partnership will strengthen efforts around corporate social responsibility and investment.

“We see these as fundamental pillars that contribute to the betterment of society. With this partnership, we expect to further enhance our corporate social responsibility and investment agenda,” said Ndegwa.

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She added that the collaboration would welcome other partners who bring not only financial resources but also vital technical expertise, enabling them to advocate for policies and provide leadership that will bring about positive change.

“By joining this partnership, you will become part of a community of foundations and members who play a vital role in sharing their expertise and knowledge,” she said.

Ms Ndegwa said Kenya has witnessed rapid growth of philanthropy.

“Our statistics shows that our philanthropic sector is contributing close to over Ksh170 billion ($1.17 billion) annually when you consolidate all the various investment programmes across sectors. And so, philanthropy by corporate and private foundations is very important in Kenya’s development agenda,” said Ms Ndegwa.