Nigerian state closes 13 schools following gunmen attack

Tuesday July 06 2021
Kaduna-Abuja highway protests

A man throws a tyre a bonfire on the Kaduna-Abuja highway in Gauruka, near Abuja, Nigeria, on May 24, 2021 during a protest against incessant kidnapping and killing after gunmen kidnapped 16 residents and killed three others in Niger State. PHOTO | AFP



Nigeria's northwestern state of Kaduna has ordered the immediate closure of 13 schools after gunmen attacked a secondary school and abducted an unknown number of students in the state on Monday.

A group of unidentified gunmen stormed the Bethel Baptist High School in Damishi town, Chikun local government area, in the early hours of Monday, taking away an unknown number of students and teachers, according to local police on Monday.

Umma Ahmed, an official in charge of education affairs in the state, said in a statement the 13 schools ordered to be closed are believed to be vulnerable to gunmen attack.

Ahmed said the closure was with immediate effect, warning against failure to comply.

Nigerian police said on Monday the actual number of students kidnapped by the gunmen has yet to be determined, but 26 students and one teacher had regained their freedom as security operatives chased after the gunmen.