DRC’s Tshisekedi lifts state of emergency as Covid-19 death rate falls

Wednesday July 22 2020

Democratic Republic of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi. FILE PHOTO | AFP



President Félix Tshisekedi has lifted the state of emergency in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a phased reopening of the country following a slowdown of coronavirus infections spread and fatalities.

The countrywide state of emergency was declared on March 24 as well as the shutting down of national borders.

Commercial activities, including the reopening of banks, restaurants and bars, as well as social gatherings and public transport resume on Wednesday, the President announced.

“The death rate has dropped from 11 percent to 2.4 percent. The mortality rate is on a decline this month of July,” President Tshisekedi noted, lauding the efforts of the Covid-19 response team.

The DRC has recorded a total of 8,534 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 196 deaths and 4,528 recoveries.

Schools have been allowed to reopen from August 3, beginning with learners in the final year of studies in primary, secondary, colleges and universities.


Reopening of places of worship, stadiums, performance halls including discotheques is scheduled for August 15.

Interprovincial and international travel restrictions will end on August 15 with the reopening of ports of entry.

Only 14 out of 26 provinces have reported cases.

Burial ceremonies, however, remain forbidden.

The DRC will relearn how to carry on with normal life “while respecting the containment measures,” the Head of State said urging citizens to observe social distancing, washing and sanitising of hands, compulsory wearing of masks in public places and regular disinfecting of places of activity