Deaths as mysterious disease hits Liberia

Tuesday April 24 2018
Liberia map

Liberian authorities are investigating a mysterious illness that has struck the country, reports indicate.

The deadly outbreak in the Sinoe County in the south of the country, state radio reported started over the weekend and was spreading.

Sinoe County lies 350km south-east of the capital, Monrovia.

Reports indicate that over a dozen deaths have been recorded as a result of the outbreak which state radio described as a "strange disease".

Stomach pains

Some of the victims reportedly drop dead on displaying the symptoms. At least five people were currently in hospital after exhibiting similar symptoms of abdominal or stomach pains.


The Liberian Health ministry said it was testing blood samples taken from eight people who had died from the unidentified disease.

Other sources spoke of police using megaphones, warning residents to report all sick cases to hospital and not to churches or other places of worship.

Was diagnosed

The incident comes about a year after the end of the deadly Ebola epidemic which affected Liberia and its two neighbours – Sierra Leone and Guinea. In all, over 11,000 people died from that epidemic.

Meanwhile, across the border in Sierra Leone, reports on Tuesday also indicated an outbreak of Monkeypox.

Sources said a 35-year-old peasant farmer in the southern Pujehun District, which is close to Liberia, was diagnosed with the disease.