Uganda’s 204kg rolex sets Guinness World Record

Tuesday January 25 2022
Ugandan rolex.

A screengrab obtained from a video circulated by the Guinness World Record showing people preparing the 204.6 kg (451 lb) rolex in Uganda. PHOTO | COURTESY | TWITTER


A locally made rolex weighing 204.6kg has set a new Guinness World Record for the “largest Ugandan rolex”.

Rolex is a popular street food in Uganda, mainly in urban areas, and is made from fried eggs and vegetables rolled inside a chapati.

Guinness World Records shared a 3-minute video of how the giant rolex was made.

In the video, rolex-chapati egg roll is collectively done by more than 15 Ugandans, including some women, from a seemingly remote location.  

“Wow it's really epic but the hygiene is lacking. People were stepping on the flampen with their boots as they moved from the ground,” Ugandan Shafiq O’Mis said on Twitter.

“That's what makes a Rolex delicious,” Mariano Lokoru responded.


Going by the Guinness World Record-released video, the process leading to making the giant rolex started during the day and extended into the night.

Commenting on processes leading to making Uganda’s largest known rolex, Twitter user Bersen Dennio said, “It looks like a construction site. Anyways, they have to make sure they get rid of that press-up merchant.”

East African media personality Joy Doreen Biira said, “nothing beats the Ugandan rolex, albeit, in manageable sizes.”

In Uganda, the rolex that goes for as low as Ush1,000 ($0.28) is largely consumed in urban areas as a fast food and was very recently promoted by authorities as a global tourist attraction.

Locally advanced stereotypes associate the activity of rolex frying with the Basoga, an ethnic group in Eastern Uganda that comprises about 8% of the nation’s 46 million population.