Ten exciting thrills for the Loiyangalani desert abode visitor

Thursday September 09 2021

Layeni the El Molo village. PHOTO | RUPI MANGAT


Loiyangalani is the desert town on the southwestern shores of the Jade Sea (Lake Turkana). You can celebrate it in 10 different ways.

1. Lake Turkana: It’s also the world’s largest alkaline lake. It’s safe to swim from the Desert Museum, El Molo village of Layani and the sacred island of Lorian and South Island.

2. Ancient rock art galleries: At Marti Rock Art site, up the volcanic rubble of bare stones and boulders are ‘canvases’ our ancestors sketched on 2,000 years ago.

3. Desert Museum: On high ground shaped like Mt. Por, the sacred mountain of the El Molo it’s small minefield of information about the desert people, sites, flora and fauna.

4. El Molo, one of the world’s smallest tribes: El Molo men were the lake’s ‘hunters’ who fished and hunted crocodile and hippo.

5. Sail to the sacred island of Lorian: The sacred island with its four shrines representing the four clans of the El Molo.


6. South Island: Has the largest concentration of crocodiles.

7. Swim in pool fed by hot water spring: At Oasis Lodge. The one-street town is a melting pot for the desert tribes Turkana, Samburu, Rendille, Gabbra and Somali.

8. Excursion to Mt. Kulal: The 7,500-feet high lava mountain is a biosphere reserve.

9. Sibiloi National Park: It has a fossilised forest and Koobi Fora prehistoric site.

10. Surreal: As the night sky lights up with the Milky Way, nothing is more elemental.