Lunch at sea with stunning ocean views

Friday May 27 2022
Floating Bar and Restaurant in Zanzibar.

Lunch on the Floating Bar and Restaurant off Forodhani in Zanzibar. PHOTO | BEATRICE MATERU | NMG


In Zanzibar, the Indian Ocean attracts tourists with its clear waters and warm climate.

Walking around the grounds of Forodhani Garden, we saw a wooden structure just a few metres offshore marked "Floating Bar & Restaurant" on the sides.

Our curiosity got the better of us and, as the food vendors of Forodhani were yet to open their stalls, we went to have a look.

At the shore there are mobile phones that belong to the floating restaurant, to call ahead. I did, and the person on the other side of the phone said a boat would come to pick us up.

A few minutes later, a small boat came over. The waters were a clear blue and shoals of colourful fish were swimming around.

The restaurant is a three-minute ride from the shore. It is built with marine wood and decorated with ant seashells, batik fabric throw pillows, swings and has an almost 360-degree ocean view.


We placed our orders and explored the space. The floating restaurant has two floors, that can seat 10 to 15 people. From the upper floor, it has great views of the ocean, Forodhani Garden and the Old Fort.

We ordered rice with grilled calamari, prawn curry, chips and salad.

Food prices range from Tsh25,000 to Tsh60,000 ($10.72 -$25.75).

The restaurant is best known for its seafood. Also available are a wide range of drinks from fresh juices, water, and beer to spirits and wine.

The prawns were delicious, roasted and dipped in a curry coconut sauce. The grilled calamari were spicy and perfect with the plain basmati rice. It is one of the best lunches I have had on the Island.

The calm ambience of the restaurant, away from the busy streets of Stone Town, was certainly worth the boat ride.