Dar es Salaam architectural heritage

Saturday October 07 2017

Art by Delphine Buysee will be on show at Darch from October 13, 2017. PHOTO | CAROLINE ULIWA


The Dar es Salaam centre for architectural heritage, Darch, will launch an exhibition titled Home on October 13.

The event will feature experienced fine artists like Paul Nduguru, the Tanzanian illustrator and painter who has been in architecture for over 24 years.

Cloud Chatanda, a veteran illustrator and cartoonist from Tanzania, will also be exhibiting. Multi-media artist Rehema Chachage will showcase her use of different mediums in exploring electronic installations.

Delphine Buysee from Belgium, and currently living in Tanzania, called the artists together for the exhibition.

“I have been doing research on migration in my own family. The subject got me thinking about what home really means for us. I thought of asking other artists. It is exciting to see the different interpretations of home.”

Darch officially opened its doors to the public in July.


“With the globalisation of migration, the concept of home is being redefined everywhere in the world. It seems easy to pinpoint at first, but as soon as you start to dig it becomes more complicated,” said Darch director Aida Mulokozi.

The exhibition will feature fine artists Gadi Ramadhani and Nicholas Calvin, both from Tanzania, as well as Ephrem Solomon from Ethiopia and Byram Tunez from Belgium.