Bird’s-eye views of Kigali city and beyond

Friday May 24 2019

A view of Kigali City in Rwanda from the top of Ubumwe Grande Hotel. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


For the best views of Kigali City and its environs, head to the rooftops or the hilltops. From there you can watch the sun set, followed by 725 square kilometres of neon lights across the city. Here are some of the best places to get a meal and a birds-eye view.


Ubumwe Grande Hotel

The rooftop of Ubumwe Grande has a tented restaurant resembling Rwanda’s thousand hills, as well as the highest infinity pool in the country. It the perfect spot from which to catch a stunning sunset or sunrise.

Ubumwe Grande is located in the central business district, so the views of the entire Kigali City are unrivalled. It offers a romantic setting with an elaborate wine list. You can while the night away with dinner and live entertainment at the Rendezvous bar and grill.




For an oriental gourmet dining experience and a chic lounge with views of downtown Kigali, the Papyrus restaurant is the best place. Located in Kimihurura, the restaurant has an open air lounge with outside seating and a rooftop view.


Ivy Lounge

The newest addition to Kigali’s top views has great views of the grand Nyarutarama strip. The open air deck gives you a 180-degree view of Kigali’s nightlife district. From here you can see the roads ascending the numerous hills as well as the vibrant Kisimenti centre.


Pili Pili Hotel

Seated on one of the many hills of Rwanda, this boutique hotel is located in the Kibagabaga neighbourhood. Pili Pili has a clear view of the Kigali Convention Centre and the Amahoro Stadium.

You can soak up the sunshine at the pool and lounge on cushions at the outdoor seating area.

The Manor Hotel

One of the oldest attractions for its majestic views of Kigali, The Manor Hotel, located in the city, gives you a 270-degree view of Kigali’s vistas. Whether at the poolside or by the Shere Sardar restaurant, you can see a stunning panorama of the city. It also has a fine dining area that includes a lounge and a banquet room.


Rebero Hill

From Rebero Hill, you can see the entire city. The best views are at night, which you can do as part of the Kigali City tour bus package. You can take a walk around and enjoy the thick vegetation. From here, you see bustling Kigali on one side of the hill and vast countryside on the opposite side.


Mount Kigali

The highest peak in Kigali has breathtaking views. You will need to hike to the top to enjoy them, not an easy feat. Catch the sunset and stay on for the night-time view. From one side you get great views of the whole of Kigali, and on the other, on a clear day, you can see as far as Ruhengeri, which is 100km from Kigali. While you’re up there, head to Fazenda Sengha for horse-riding, zip-lining, or archery. It’s a great place for a family day out up on the Mount. Or you can enjoy a beer at one of the nearby pubs.