A peek into the history of the Buganda Kingdom

Monday December 19 2022

Hamu Mukasa, The Celestial Being Amongst Men by Conrad Desire Nkanwesiga.


Part of Buganda Kingdom’s history described by Hamu Mukasa in his book Simuda Nyuma is the theme of a three-month exhibition “Beyond Memories” showing at The Hamu Mukasa Library at the Uganda Christian University (UCC) in Mukono District.

The exhibition presents the outcome of a collaboration between Tudda Nyuma and UCC Visual Art and Design Department.

Conrad Desire Nkanwesiga’s surreal fantasy portrait titled Hamu Mukasa, The Celestial Being Amongst Men is a digitally hand-painted artwork visualising various traits of the character of the Hamu Mukasa.

It captures Mukasa’s fascination with the world out there, his religious faith, and his loyalty to the Kabaka of Buganda.

Kamahungye Precious Elizabeth Kukundakwe’s wooden piece Okutamiira Obuyinza is a semi-representational portrayal of what she wants to portray about her understanding of a few things about the Buganda Kingdom.

Nathan Omiel and Sheila Nakitende work The Kingsmen/Mu maaso ga Kabaka relives the moment that the only existing photograph of Kabaka Muteesa I and his chiefs was produced. UCU at 25 Animation by Kahangwa Daniel is a history of UCU told in a blend of clay- and 2D animation.


Diana Mary Laruni, aka Mary Dee’s work shows the house of Hamu Mukasa as it appeared before it was burned. The other works are The Hand of Time by Kizito Alexander Ssenkya; Ekifananyi Kya Muteesa by Dr Andrea Stultiens and Kyesikiredde, Kirumira Mpuyi Biri” by Kamahungye Precious Elizabeth Kukundakwe.

Canon Griffin has two works Mackay teaching the Kabaka wisdom of various natures and Mr.Mackay as he showed Kabaka Mwanga a map of the whole world.

Dr Eria (Sane) Nsubuga has three (out of six) collages Nandaula of the Nsenene (Grasshopper) clan, Nanziri of the Ngo (Leopard) clan, Sir Apollo Kaggwa caricature’ responding to the anthropometric tables in Roscoe’s book The Baganda: An account of their Customs and Beliefs and False Flags.