Tanzanian MPs approve national budget estimates

Tuesday June 22 2021
Job Ndugai.

Tanzania’s National Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai. PHOTO | FILE | NMG


Tanzania’s Members of Parliament have unanimously approved the national budget estimates.

They voted Tuesday through open ballot as outlined in parliamentary standing procedures.

The government had asked the August House to approve the Tsh36.6 trillion ($15.8 billion) which was unveiled last week by Finance Minister Mwigulu Nchemba.

The amount is slightly higher than the previous budget estimates of Tsh34.5 trillion ($14.9 billion) which was approved during the 2020/21 fiscal year which will come to an end on June 30.

Winding up a debate on results attained, National Assembly Speaker Job Ndugai said that all the 385 parliamentarians present voted to approve the proposed budget. Five MPs were not present in the House.