Two white rhinos killed in Kenya, horns stolen

Monday December 09 2019

Two black rhinos rest under a tree at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Meru, central Kenya, on September 22 2016. Two southern white rhinos were shot and killed in the conservancy on December 6, 2019, and their horns stolen. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

By The EastAfrican

Two southern white rhinos have been shot and killed in central Kenya, and their horns stolen.

The raiders gained access to the highly secured electric-fenced Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Meru County around 11pm Friday night, Chief Operations Officer Dr Tuqa Jirmo confirmed.

In a statement to media, he said; “This incident serves as a reminder that the threat from poaching is ever present, and all sanctuaries holding rhinos cannot afford to be complacent. The poaching scourge and illegal rhino horn trade continue to put the survival of rhinos at risk across the continent.”

He added that the conservancy is working with the police and Kenya Wildlife Service over the incident.