Relationships and identity at Sekajugo show

Friday November 16 2018

The Closet-1, by Collin Sekajugo. PHOTO | COURTESY


A solo exhibition by the Rwandan-Ugandan artist Collin Sekajugo is currently showing at the Afriart Gallery, 7th Street, Industrial Area in Kampala.

Titled What Is Beautiful, the exhibition explores the theme of identity and relationships in both physical and imaginary spaces.

His collection looks at different aspects of identity based on how he views himself and how others view him — his private and public persona.

On show are 20 artworks that portray the artist as both a creative and a viewer of art.

Sekajugo uses symbolism to depict self awareness, protecting identity and safeguarding personal health.

Relationships have also been an integral part of Sekajugo’s exploration of identity, and this is seen in his piece titled Open Relationships.


His piece Inflicting Self explores the definition of personal success and failures. TheCloset-1 looks at limitations of any kind, which exist in our lives.

Among his other artworks are; Cornered, Sanity, Looks and Flaws (1 to 4), Guard, Side Effects, Black Curtain, The Closest- 2, Conscience and The Locker Room.

According to the artist, everyone has their own definition of success. Inflicting Self is meant to raise awareness on self-inflicted failure.

The Closet-1 is an artistic definition of any confinement that exists in each and everyone’s life either by design or not.

Sekajugo works with collages and synthetic fabrics.

The exhibition opened on October 27 and runs for a month and a half. Entrance is free.