Moet toasts 150 years of a life of luxury

Friday June 28 2019

The traditional champagne pyramid by Moet. PHOTO | SUSAN MUUMBI | NMG


It’s no mean feat for a brand to survive 150 years, and for this reason, Moet Imperial celebrated their 150th anniversary in grand style all over the world on June 22.

In Africa, celebrations were held in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

In Nairobi, a white and gold-themed party was held at the Tribe Hotel in the afternoon, followed by an after party at Nairobi's uptown Kiza Lounge.

Keeping with Moët & Chandon's celebration tradition, a champagne pyramid was the highlight of a party worthy of 150 years of celebration.

Moet Imperial was created in 1869 by Moet & Chandon, which was founded in 1743, and the brand has been associated with luxury and high end clientele ever since.

Speaking at a media breakfast at the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi on the eve of the anniversary on June 21 to kick off the celebrations, East Africa market manager for Moët Hennessy Alexandre Helaine said, “We are thrilled to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Moët Impérial, our signature champagne that has embodied the grandeur of the house since 1869. Moet has been the drink of choice for kings over the years.


“Kenya is a key market for us and that’s why we have chosen to celebrate this milestone in Nairobi. Moët & Chandon is synonymous today with celebration because, for almost three centuries, we have combined our savoir-faire with our own art of the fête to perfect a unique savoir-fête that has made our champagnes a great choice for toasting both intimate moments and important milestones,” he added.

The breakfast was also attended by the French ambassador in Kenya and Somalia, Aline Kuster-Menagér, government officials and key trade partners of the French Champagne House.

Ms Menagér said, “Moet and Chandon is one of the most famous brands in the world and it produces over 26 million bottles of world-class champagne every year. For such a world famous and popular brand to come and make a base here, shows Kenya’s great investment potential.”