How to travel first class on your next international flight

Friday January 31 2020

The first class cabin inside an Airbus A380 at the airbus factories in Hamburg, Germany on November 3, 2017. PHOTO | CHRISTIAN CHARISIUS | AFP


First-class travel is about exclusivity and luxury, which is why the tickets cost so much.

One first-class seat takes up the equivalent of four to six economy class seats. A first-class ticket will, therefore, cost four to six times more than an economy ticket—what with the all the other additives and the privacy that it offers.

When buying a first-class ticket, pay attention to the restrictions given by the airlines. This includes the season of the year, the flight date and even the position of the seat. The fares are based on the demand at the time of booking.

As for booking your ticket, every airline has a system of codes for each ticket purchased. A code usually has letters and numbers. First-class tickets usually have the letters ‘F’ or ‘A’. If your ticket has the letter ‘F’, then it means that you have a full-fare first-class ticket. If it has the letter ‘A’, then it means that you have a discounted first-class ticket.

You need to know your fare code because with it, you can check whether your ticket can be upgraded or refunded and the number of frequent flier miles you will earn on your trip.

When you are paying so much money for a first-class ticket, then your expectations for convenience are that much higher. For premium (full fare) first-class tickets, any sort of changes made to your travel, whether it is a change of travel dates or the name on the ticket, will cost you nothing. Premium first-class tickets are also fully refundable. However, different airlines give varying deadlines after which you can’t get a full refund.


The luxury that one experiences as a first-class passenger is top-notch. Many of the airlines will provide you with champagne and spa treatments from some of the world’s top luxury brands.

If you are celebrating a milestone, then you will want to make your holiday truly memorable, by flying first-class. Whether it is a honeymoon or an anniversary, treat yourself and your spouse to a first-class cabin experience. The heavenly treatment and experience will make your celebration a memorable one for a lifetime!