Sudan protests to UN over border row with Egypt

Tuesday January 09 2018

Sudan has renewed a complaint at the United Nations demanding Egypt hand over control of the “Halayeb Triangle” border territory, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

Relations between Egypt and Sudan have been soured in recent months by disputes over the ownership of the triangle, and over the broader issue of use of water from the River Nile that passes through their territories.

The triangle lies between Egypt and its southern neighbour and the borders have been contested by Sudan since 1958. Cairo says it is Egyptian territory.

The Foreign Ministry did not say what action it wanted the United Nations to take, if any.

Egypt rejected in 2016 a request from Khartoum to enter negotiations to determine sovereignty over the triangle or to seek international arbitration.

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Sudan recalled its ambassador from its northern neighbour for consultations on Thursday.

Egypt’s state news agency MENA later quoted the foreign minister saying the notification of withdrawal pointed towards the land dispute.