Sudan opposition group says it does not recognise deal with military

Sunday November 21 2021
Sudan protest.

A Sudanese anti-coup protester in Umdurman on November 17, 2021 holds a placard depicting ousted Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and reading "legitimate prime minister" amid ongoing protests against last month's widely condemned military takeover. PHOTO | AFP


Sudan’s main civilian opposition coalition, the Forces of Freedom and Change, said on Sunday it does not recognise any political agreement with the military.

The coalition said mass protests rejecting the military’s power grab last month will continue.

Late Saturday, Sudan's General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok reached a deal for the PM's return and the release the civilian leadership detained since last month's military coup, mediators said Sunday.

"A political agreement has been reached between General Burhan, Abdalla Hamdok, political forces and civil society organisations for Hamdok's return to his position, and the release of political detainees," senior Sudanese mediator Fadlallah Burma, who is also the acting head of Sudan's Umma political party, told AFP.

Burhan on October 25 declared a state of emergency, ousted the government and detained the civilian leadership.

The military takeover upended a two-year transition to civilian rule, drew international condemnation and punitive measures, and provoked large protests.


A group Sudanese mediators -- including academics, journalists and politicians -- who have been locked in talks to mediate a deal since the outbreak of the crisis, released a statement outlining the main points of the deal.

It includes the restoration of Hamdok as prime minister, the release of all detainees, and what it said was the resumption of the constitutional, legal and political consensus governing the transitional period.

A statement from the mediators said the deal was reached following an agreement among political factions, ex-rebel groups, and military figures.

"The agreement will be officially announced later today (Sunday), after the signing of its terms and the accompanying political declaration," the statement said.

- Additional reporting by Mawahib Abdallatif and AFP.