What are East African countries doing for citizens in Ukraine?

Friday February 25 2022

People, some carrying bags and suitcases, walk near the Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi railway station in Kyiv on the morning of February 24, 2022, following the Russian invasion. PHOTO | AFP


Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, Ukrainians and foreigners alike have been fleeing the country.

The UN estimates that about 100,000 people have so far been displaced by the fighting, many fleeing to neighbouring Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Poland.

Weeks of diplomacy failed to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin, who massed over 150,000 troops on Ukraine's borders. There are fears that the Russian military’s attempt to seize control of the capital Kyiv is imminent.

World leaders have condemned the attack, with the United States and European Union announcing sanctions against Russian banks and individuals.

East Africa has citizens, the majority of whom are students, in Ukraine. Here is what their governments are saying.



About 202 Kenyans are in Ukraine.

Nairobi has advised them to “urgently consider leaving Ukraine and stay away until further notice”, and to do so by any available means.

The government says it is getting in touch with neighbouring countries to ensure those who leave are given safe passage.

Those wishing to remain have been urged to move to safer regions such as the west of Ukraine where there is minimal fighting.

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Ugandans are estimated to be about 100 in Ukraine

Daily Monitor reported that most of the Ugandans have coalesced in the capital and its suburbs since the threat of war.

Kampala says it is in touch with contacts in Ukraine and on standby to assist Ugandans who will seek assistance.

Ugandans have been asked to follow directions from Ukrainian authorities and monitor the situation on news channels.

“It is our prayer that the situation will be short-lived,” Uganda said in a public notice.

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About 250 Tanzanians live in Ukraine.

Dodoma says none has been harmed by the fighting.

“The government wants you to remain calm during this time we are closely following on your safety with Ukrainian authorities,” reads a statement by the Foreign Affairs ministry.

The government has urged Tanzanians to reach out to its mission in Sweden in case of any emergency.

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Between 80 to 90 Rwandans are in Ukraine.

Kigali says everyone is accounted for and that it is working on an evacuation plan for its citizens.