Ukraine: Kenya secures ‘safe passage’ for stranded nationals

Tuesday March 01 2022
Refugees from Ukraine.

Refugees from Ukraine gather to take a bus from the border crossing in Medyka to Przemysl, eastern Poland on February 28, 2022. PHOTO | WOJTEK RADWANSKI | AFP


Kenya on Tuesday said it had secured easier passage for nationals stranded in Ukraine, indicating partial reprieve for those struggling to exit the troubled eastern European country.

A statement issued by the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Ministry said the country had negotiated for Kenyans to be allowed to leave Ukraine and temporarily stay in any of its neighbouring EU members.

“The government negotiated for unrestricted entry of Kenyans into the neighbouring EU states, a request that was honoured by Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania that Kenyans cross their borders via simplified procedure.”

The Ministry did not elaborate whether the procedure will involve seeking for visas as most of the stranded students had been barred from leaving the country for lack of proper papers.

Kenya said that so far, 74 students had been allowed into Poland and are staying in Warsaw, Krakovets and Katowic cities; two left for Romania, two for Hungary and one had returned to Kenya.

Ukraine, which has since been invaded by Russia, was hosting 201 Kenyans both on permanent and temporary basis, according to data shared last week by the Ministry.


“So far, four Kenyans have shown no interest of leaving Ukraine citing personal reasons.”

“Kenya’s Honorary Consul in Kiev is coordinating the evacuation of Kenyans. Kenyans who are still stranded are encourage to contact our Honorary Consul on +38 044 229 79 13 or on email at [email protected].”

Those in distress may also contact the Ministry’s directorate of diaspora and consular affairs directly on +254 20 4949811/812 or on email at [email protected].