Tanzania to end frequent power blackouts in two years

Thursday June 01 2023
Power transmission

Tanzania has several power plant projects including the Tanzania-Zambia power project and a solar power plant in Makamba. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK


Tanzania expects to end frequent power blackouts in most parts of the country in two to three years, with several power plants underway.

The Julius Nyerere Hydropower Plant, with an installed capacity of 2,115 MW, is under construction and about 87 percent complete, Energy Minister January Makamba told the Parliament on Wednesday.

A solar power plant will also be built in the northern region of Shinyanga, Makamba. “Plans are also in the final stages to execute wind power projects in Singida and Kilimanjaro regions,” said Makamba.

Plans were also underway to start implementing the Tanzania-Zambia power project that will see the construction of a 400kV electricity transmission line in Rukwa region.

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Makamba said the project would enable Tanzania to connect to the Southern African Power Pool through Zambia and the Eastern Africa Power Pool through Kenya. “The end of power challenges facing the country is in sight with the implementation of these short and long-term strategies,” he said.