Dar port authorities ban storage of imported explosives in harbour area

Tuesday June 22 2021
Dar es Salaam port.

A ship offloads cargo at the Dar es Salaam Port, Tanzania. PHOTO | FILE | NMG


Tanzania’s largest port, Dar es Salaam, has issued a notice to its users that forbids storage of explosive consignments at its complex, citing safety reasons.

The ex post facto announcement by its Port Director issued on Monday and seen by The EastAfrican says effective last January explosives among other “dangerous goods” will have to be moved out of the port area faster after their onshore handling.

“All cargo which have been classified according to International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code as classes…will not be allowed to be stored into the Port premises and therefore will be treated under direct delivery procedures in order to safeguard the people, port infrastructures, properties and environment,” the statement partly reads.

Besides explosives other embargoed imports include flammable solids and gases, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, and substances which emit flammable gases when they come into contact with water.