South Sudan: Jonglei conflict leaves 32 dead, 9 injured

Tuesday December 07 2021
South Sudan police.

South Sudan National Police Service officers sit on the back of a pickup truck while they patrol the streets of Juba on April 9, 2020. PHOTO | AFP



At least 32 people have been killed and nine injured as a result of conflict in South Sudan’s Jonglei State in November alone, governor says.

In the report that featured six counties, Governor Denay Chagor said the incidents that left nine people injured were mainly linked to cattle raids and road ambushes.

“Several incidents in recent months have soared to an extent of an unimaginable rate. To mention a few, eight people were killed in Twic East County in November, with 44 head of cattle raided in Duk County, five people killed in Uror County, including a payam administrator.

“Five people were killed in Bor County, including two intellectuals who were travelling on a bike to Anyidi County. And at least 10 people were killed in Akobo County,” Mr Chagor said.

He said the state government condemns such attacks.


“I pay my sincere condolences to the affected families members who lost their loved ones. The government of Jonglei State remain committed to Peiri Peace Agreement and recent signed peace in Bor,” he added.

Most parts of the Greater Jonglei State have experienced communal and tribal violence, mainly caused by cattle raiding, child abduction, and grazing land.

Greater Jonglei authorities have in the past convened peace and reconciliation conferences to discuss how to curb attacks.

Continuous revenge attacks, cattle raiding, and child abduction in some areas persist, even after hundreds of dollars spent by donors on peace projects.

Livestock herding is the main source of income in many parts of Jonglei State.