South Sudan envoy urges nationals to return, invest at home

Tuesday May 16 2023

South Sudanese Ambassador to Uganda, Simon Juach Deng (red cap), his Eritrean counterpart Mohammed Silieman Ahmed (left) and South Sudanese Peoples' Defence Forces general external spokesperson Maj Gen Kuol Deng toast to mark liberation anniversary at the South Sudan Embassy in Kampala on May 16, 2023. PHOTO | STEPHEN OTAGE | NMG


South Sudan is urging its nationals in Uganda to come home and invest, citing the return of peace in the country torn apart by civil war.

The South Sudanese ambassador to Uganda, Juach Deng, said the agriculture and industrialisation sectors are ripe for investments.

He also urged citizens of neighbouring countries to invest in South Sudan while acknowledging the presence of “some small armed groups” causing economic sabotage by ambushing traders and robbing them of their merchandise.

“The South Sudan economy has improved since 2018. Come back and invest in South Sudan because it is strategically located in the East African Community (EAC). That is why we have both licensed and unlicensed Ugandans doing business. I am inviting you to pass the message that there is peace across the country,” Mr Deng said Tuesday as his country

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According to Mr Deng, 67 percent of South Sudan is arable land, and only four percent is under cultivation. He added that agriculture, agro-industrialisation, electricity generation, petroleum, and mining are sectors with opportunities for other East African countries to exploit to realise stability in the region.