New UN envoy hopes for lasting peace in South Sudan

Monday April 26 2021
UN envoy Nicholas Haysom

Nicholas Haysom, the then UN special representative for Afghanistan, arrives for a press conference in Kabul on February 14, 2016. PHOTO | AFP



The newly appointed United Nations (UN) top envoy for South Sudan on Sunday expressed strong hope for durable peace in the country.

Nicholas Haysom, Special Representative of the Secretary-General, said the UN is strongly committed to working with South Sudanese to secure stability and eventual prosperity for the country.

"As partners in that process, the UN will continue to work with South Sudanese as well as regional and international partners to provide stability and, ultimately, secure prosperity for all citizens," Haysom said in a statement after arriving in Juba.

He arrived in Juba on Sunday to take up his role as the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

Haysom said South Sudan is entering a new phase and people's expectations are high, noting that there is real hope for progress in the implementation of the peace agreement and, ultimately, achieving a more durable peace.


The UN official said after completing mandatory quarantine in compliance with local COVID-19 protocols, he will begin a busy schedule of meetings with South Sudan's leaders, the diplomatic community, and other key stakeholders in the peace process.

"It is a privilege to continue my relationship with South Sudan by serving in this new role, leading UNMISS in its peacekeeping and peacebuilding work," said Haysom.

The UN envoy said the UN priority is to support all efforts to push the peace process forward with a focus on key areas such as constitution-making, security, justice and economic reforms, and assisting preparations for elections.

"I am very much looking forward to serving and supporting the people of this country so that they can enjoy the much brighter future that they deserve," Haysom said.

He said UNMISS will also continue to search for new ways to magnify the impact of its own activities and improve its performance in carrying out its mandated work to protect civilians and build peace.