Ministers meet to give Congo entry in EAC nod

Saturday June 04 2022
Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta, Paul Kagame and Felix Tshisekedi.

Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta, Paul Kagame and DR Congo’s Felix Tshisekedi during the signing of the treaty integrating the DRC into the East Africa trade bloc on April 8, 2022. PHOTO | AFP


The East African Community Council of Ministers will meet on June 8 to finalise admission of the Democratic Republic of Congo into the bloc.

The 42nd Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers scheduled from June 8-11 is also expected to discuss the deployment of an election observer mission to Kenya, make a decision on who will host the East African Monetary Institute, and receive EAC Audit report. The EAMI whose role is crucial for the implementation of the Monetary Union protocol.

The DRC formally joined the EAC on April 8, 2022 when President Felix Tshisekedi signed the deed of Accession to the Treaty establishing the EAC.

The draft roadmap for DRC integration features three more major priorities across the organs and institutions of the EAC.

First, DRC needs to carry out an audit of its existing policy and regulatory framework. Second is the provision of support to the DRC to align its policy and legal framework to that of the EAC.

“The EAC is developing a roadmap that details how the DRC will implement various EAC commitments such as Customs Union, Common Market, Monetary Union and Political Federation and join various areas of cooperation,” said Dr Peter Mathuki, EAC Secretary General.


The other priority includes awareness creation for the various stakeholders in the DRC.

“DRC now has up to 29th September, 2022 to undertake her internal ratification processes before depositing the instruments of ratification with the Secretary General,” said Dr Mathuki.

The council is also expected to consider a request for additional funding to facilitate finalisation of the roadmap for integration of the DRC.

The June 8 meeting is also expected to discuss the deployment of the election observer mission to Kenya during its presidential polls scheduled for August 9.

The mission will observe the electoral process, offer a balanced and informed assessment, create public confidence, identify challenges, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths that can be harnessed into best practices for the region and facilitate peer learning for the electoral management bodies in the EAC.

The Council is expected to consider the report of the Verification Committee and determine the Partner State to host the East African Monetary Institute in accordance with section 7 of the East African Monetary Institute Act, 2019.

So far Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania were shortlisted as probable hosts the institute.