Kenya receives $1 million from UK for drought, floods

Tuesday January 18 2022
British High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott

British High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott. The UK announced a Sh2.6 billion support to four East African countries including Kenya. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The United Kingdom (UK) has announced a $1.01 million aid package to Kenya for urgent life-saving nutritional assistance to at least 26,000 children in drought-affected counties.

UK Minister for Africa, Vicky Ford, announced a $22.9 million support package from the UK to countries in East Africa affected by extreme drought and floods.

Speaking as she commenced her three-day visit to East Africa, starting in Kilifi, Kenya, Ford said the support would help prevent mass loss of life in the region.

“The UK’s commitment to supporting our partners in East Africa is unwavering, and we know that early action now can prevent mass loss of life,” Ford said.

“This funding package will provide vital assistance to almost a million people across the region, helping those affected to access clean water and healthy food,” said Ford.

The $22.9 million package will assist about a million locals in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and South Sudan facing extreme drought and floods.


South Sudan will receive $4.1 million for food assistance and hygiene supplies as over 100,000 people are exposed to water-borne diseases and severe nutritional challenges because of prolonged flooding.

On the other hand, Ethiopia will receive $6.8 million to be able to provide nutrition assistance to over 200,000 children and pregnant and lactating women in drought-affected regions of Southern and Eastern Ethiopia.

Extreme weather events associated with climate change worsen pre-existing drought and flood cycles and ruin harvests in the region.

“Poor governance and ongoing conflicts in Somalia, South Sudan, and Ethiopia are exacerbating the impact by displacing vulnerable communities, destroying livelihoods, and limiting access to humanitarian assistance,” Ford stated.