Heavy rains demolish 30 houses, leave over 150 homeless in Tanzania

Saturday October 28 2023

People wade through knee-deep floods. PHOTO | AFP


More than 150 people have been left homeless after heavy rains demolished 30 houses in Kalambo district in the Rukwa region in Tanzania's southern highlands, an official said Friday.

Lazaro Komba, Kalambo District commissioner, said the rains coupled with strong winds pounded Chitete village on Thursday beginning at 4 pm local time, causing disastrous consequences.

 "People could not save property kept in the demolished houses. They lost all they had," Komba said, adding that measures were being taken to provide the victims with basic necessities, including food. 

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He said some of the victims have taken refuge from their relatives while others have been accommodated in public schools. 

Erasto Sima, the Bukoba district commissioner, identified the Rwamishenye Kashai ward as the most affected area. The district authorities are still assessing the number of households affected by the heavy rains and the destruction caused to property, including houses and farm crops.