EACRF foils attack by armed group in east DR Congo’s Kibumba

Thursday April 13 2023
EACRF troops deployed in Kibumba

EACRF troops deployed in Kibumba, eastern DR Congo speak with locals on April 12, 2023 after the regional force thwarted an attack by an armed group in their area. PHOTO | COURTESY | EACRF


Troops of the East African Community Regional Force (EACRF) on Wednesday foiled an attack by a suspected local armed group in Kibumba, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

"The armed men fired several rounds in the area prompting Quick Reaction Force to respond, successfully repulsing them and containing the situation," EACRF wrote on its social media accounts.

The regional force added that the gunmen "obviously intended to commit atrocities in Kibumba", in Nyiragongo territory, North Kivu in eastern DRC.

Since the attack, EACRF said patrols in the area have been stepped up to prevent any further threats, so that the local population can go about their business normally.

Protect citizens

"The EACRF continues to protect the livelihoods of citizens in the areas they occupy and urges the local population to return to their homes," the statement said.


It was not immediately established which armed group launched the attack in Kibumba. Several armed groups operate in North Kivu, including local and foreign groups. According to UN figures, more than 100 groups are active in eastern DR Congo, with intense activity in North Kivu, Ituri and South Kivu.

These attacks took place against a background of renewed fighting in Kibumba.

According to the Congolese army, "this fighting is a game orchestrated by those who do not want to follow the will of the heads of state of the East African community in the search for peace".


Lt Col Kaiko Ndjike, the spokesperson for the Congolese army in North Kivu, said that the country’s force "remains in the posture of strict observance of the ceasefire and has no ambition to violate the agreements of the heads of state".

In its communication, the Congolese army stated that it had arrested 59 people with four weapons, machetes and knives, who are suspected to be behind the Wednesday shootings.

Lt Col Ndjike added that the young people who were arrested "are commonly called Wazalendu and their fighting against the M23 does not involve the Congolese army".

For several days, the M23 rebels have been withdrawing from the conquered territories. The rebels have been replaced by EACRF troops whose full deployment since the beginning of April has raised hopes for a return of peace in the troubled provinces of eastern Congo.