Tanzania probes yet-to-be-known disease after five die in Kagera

Friday March 17 2023
Tanzania’s Chief Medical Officer Tumaini Nagu

Tanzania’s Chief Medical Officer Tumaini Nagu who on March 17, 2023 announced that doctors were investigating a yet-to-be-known disease that broke out in Kagera region and which had already killed five people. PHOTO | BEATRICE MATERU | NMG


Tanzania is investigating a yet-to-be-known disease in the northern Kagera region which has so far killed five people and left two others in critical condition.

Symptoms of the illness which broke out in two villages in Bukoba, Kagera include fever, vomiting, diarrhoea and bleeding through various body openings.

Speaking with journalists on Thursday evening, Tanzania’s Chief Medical Officer Tumaini Nagu said the disease originated from Kagera region and that a team of doctors had already been dispatched to further investigate it.

"The two other patients are in hospital undergoing treatment. The trend of the disease indicates the possibility of it being infectious," Prof Nagu said.

She further added that health experts are closely monitoring the disease and have taken control measures to prevent its spread.

Prof Nagu urged the public, especially in Kagera region, to take precautions including avoiding touching patients' bodily fluids such as saliva, tears, blood, urine and faeces, or from a person with the specified symptoms. In addition, she asked them to immediately report any suspected infected persons with such symptoms.


"Provide information immediately to the nearest hospital or call the landline number 199 free of charge if you see or meet someone with such symptoms," she said.