Ugandan court finds controversial don guilty of cyber harassment

Thursday August 01 2019

Controversial Makerere University academic and women activist Dr Stella Nyanzi (left) in court. PHOTO | DAILY MONITOR


A Ugandan court on Thursday found controversial Makerere University academic Dr Stella Nyanzi guilty of cyber harassment.

Dr Nyanzi was charged with insulting President Yoweri Museveni, First Lady Janet Museveni and his late mother, Ms Esteri Kokundeka, in a Facebook post.

She was, however, acquitted of offensive communication.

The offence of cyber harassment attracts a three year sentence or a fine of 72 currency points. Each currency point is Ush20,000 ($5).

The Court proceeded without Dr Nyanzi’s lawyers leaving her to represent herself during the ruling.

“I can sacrifice motherhood to whatever altar I need to. I was born for this moment. I will speak to dictators in any language possible,” Dr Nyanzi told the Court presided over by Gladys Kamashanyu.


Dr Nyanzi has been in custody at the Luzira prison in the capital Kampala since last year.

The charge under The Computer Misuse Act has been a test case on reigning in cyber-based criticism.

Most of the suspects, however, have been accused of attacking the President Museveni.

Magistrate Kamashanyu adjourned the sentencing until Friday.