Poor witness protection hinders graft fight in East Africa

Thursday December 10 2015

Bribes are offered and received by a variety of business leaders and their operatives. FOTOSERACH

You are less likely to be asked for a bribe in Kenya compared to Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi, a new corruption index shows. FOTOSERACH  


Rwanda has the least cases of corruption in East Africa, a new corruption report says.

The prevalence of bribery cases in Rwanda is just 2.9 per cent compared to Kenya's 12.3 per cent, Uganda 17.9 per cent, Tanzania 19.3 per cent and 19 per cent in Burundi, Transparency International Kenya, an NGO that monitors corruption said its report released on Thursday.

“In 2014, only 7 per cent of Kenyans reported corruption incidences,” said Samuel Kimeu, Transparency International Executive director.

The report attributed the low reporting to poor whistleblower protection and safety mechanisms in the country.