Burundi opposition call for peace talks to end

Saturday September 08 2018

Agathon Rwasa, Burundi opposition leader says focus should now be on working on a roadmap for the 2020 elections. PHOTO | AFP


Burundian opposition leaders have called for the next mediated session, expected later this month, to be the last one.

The facilitation team, under former president of Tanzania Benjamin Mkapa, is currently consulting political leaders and other key stakeholders, in and outside the country, on the next fifth session of the inter-Burundi dialogue in efforts to put an end to the political crisis that erupted in 2015.

“The next session should be the last one as there is a need to urgently address the political environment in the country to enable creation of a road map for 2020,” Burundi opposition leader and Deputy Speaker of parliament Agathon Rwasa told The EastAfrican.

President Pierre Nkurunziza’s declaration that he would not seek another term in office was a relief for the facilitation team as it had been a stumbling block, a source close to Mr Mkapa said, adding that the main agenda of the next dialogue session is working on a roadmap for the 2020 elections.

The next dialogue session will not include civil society organisations.

The UN secretary-general’s special envoy to Burundi Michel Kafando is in Bujumbura for a one-week meeting with different stakeholders ahead of the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva.


The meeting is expected to discuss the current situation in the country in regard to human rights and political climate.