Bobi Wine scoffs at Museveni promise to fight corruption

Tuesday December 11 2018

Ugandan independent MP Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi, known as Bobi Wine. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Ugandan singer-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine, has said Yoweri Museveni lacks the will to decisively tackle corruption

The Kyaddondo East MP scathingly reacted to President Museveni’s latest promise to fight the vice as he was presiding over the most corrupt system.

“All property belonging to corrupt officials will be confiscated. But I will first get first-hand information before confiscation of the property and I will order organisations fighting corruption to avail me with more details of stolen money,” President Museveni said.

Media platforms

However, Mr Kyagulanyi, said in a statement he circulated on his social media platforms that President Museveni has no capacity to clean the mess.

“It is because of that corrupt system that hospitals have no drugs. That schools are rotting. That the levels of unemployment are sickening. That we have no public transport,” Mr Kyagulanyi said in the statement.


“That our infrastructural projects are inflated, costing many more times than they do in other countries, and yet we end up with shoddy works. That our nation suffers and bleeds.”

Created the mess

He said President Museveni had always shot himself in the foot by appointing, reappointing and elevating corrupt and compromised people in public office.

After 32 years of empty promises, he is promising yet again! the MP posed.

How can we depend on the man who created the mess to clean it up? he posed further.