Zambia deports Chinese man over 'abusive remarks'

Saturday September 14 2019

Zambia has deported a Chinese man for using offensive remarks against Zambian officials. FILE PHOTO | NMG


Zambian immigration authorities on Saturday announced they have deported a Chinese national for allegedly using abusive language towards Zambians and government officials.

Yi Jian,36, is said to be on record making derogatory remarks against Zambians on multiple occasions.

"He was deported on Thursday, September 12, 2019 under a warrant signed by the Minister of Home Affairs because there were reasonable grounds to believe that his presence in Zambia and conduct were likely to be a danger to peace and good order," said a statement issued by the ministry of home affairs.

Mr Yi is the boss of Top Star Communications, a joint venture of the Zambian government and Chinese pay TV giant StarTimes, tasked with digitising the country's broadcast infrastructure.

The government accuses Mr Yi of abrogating the employment code during his stay in the southern African nation.

Chinese are running several business in the country ranging from mining to hospitality in which they have invested millions of dollars.