Gabon 'suspends judge' in President Bongo’s health case

Wednesday August 21 2019

Gabon President Ali Bongo (centre) reviews troops at a ceremony in Libreville on August 16, 2019 at the Mausoleum of the Country First President during a wreath laying ceremony PHOTO | STEVE JORDAN | AFP


Gabon's Ministry of Justice has suspended the judge who allowed opposition campaigners to demand the president has a medical check-up, according to the privately-owned Gabonese news website Gabonactu.

On 12 August the president of Libreville Court of Appeal, Paulette Ayo Mba, declared admissible a complaint by the Call for Action movement that was asking for President Ali Bongo to have the check up to determine whether he is capable of performing his duties, Gabonactu reports.

She scheduled the hearing for 26 August.

There has been speculation for some time about the state of Mr Bongo's health.

He returned to Gabon at the end of March after five months of recovery abroad following after suffering a stroke in Saudi Arabia last October.