Crackdown sees 180,000 Congolese exit Angola

Thursday October 11 2018

Angola: Operation against illegal mining, migration. NMG


About 180,802 illegal DR Congo nationals have voluntarily left Angola since September 25 to date, an official confirmed.

Police spokesman António Bernardo said the Congolese returned home after an operation dubbed transparency, that was still being carried out by Angolan authorities.

The operation will be in force for two-years.

Mr Bernardo told journalists in Luanda that they were assessing the operation that was ongoing in Cuanza Sul, Malanje, Uige, Bie, Cuando Cubango Lunda Sul and Lunda Norte provinces.

The economy

The operation aims at fighting illegal mining and irregular migration, with a view to creating jobs for Angolans to stabilise the economy, Mr Bernardo added.


The police spokesman further disclosed that some 90 West Africans would also be repatriated in the coming days.

“Thanks to the operation; $664,831, 106 vehicles, 165 motorbikes, 54 containers, 34 rafts, 30 mineral detectors, among other valuables, were found with the illegals,” the police officer told journalists.

Illegal migrants were mostly attracted to Angola for mineral exploration and business opportunities.

Share a border

Angola has extensive diamond reserves (estimated at 180 million carats), principally in the provinces of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul in the north-east.

The two provinces share a border with both DR Congo and Congo-Brazzaville.

The conflict in DR Congo has forced nationals to flee to Angola and other neighbouring countries.