Uganda opposition to challenge age limit law

Thursday December 21 2017

Opposition leader Winnie Kiiza addressing journalists in Kampala on the way forward for the opposition after MPs voted age limit removal . PHOTO | ALEX ESAGALA | NATION


Uganda's parliamentary opposition leader Winnie Kiiza says she will challenge the age limit law passed Wednesday night.

MPs approved a constitutional change which would remove the age limit of 75 for presidential candidates.

The change allows the current president, 73-year-old Yoweri Museveni, to run for an unprecedented sixth term in office.

Ms Kiiza did not specify how exactly the opposition would challenge the decision, although she hinted at a possibility of going to court.

Her objections included:

  • The process and constitutional amendment being proposed by a private member of parliament.
  • The invasion of the house by security personnel in September.
  • The speaker allowing MPs to continue coming in after the voting process had started Wednesday.

MP Mbwaketamwa Gaffa is one of 19 MPs who chose to vote against the law. He explained his complaints to BBC:

"What we (MPs) did yesterday is real raping the constitution in favour of one person; President Museveni. Ugandans are so bitter. When the president ascents to the bill, it might be legal, but it will be illegitimate, and we are going to challenge it."