Where is Diane Rwigara and her family?

Thursday August 31 2017

Reports say Diane Rwigara and her family were arrested but Rwanda police has dispelled the claims. PHOTO | CYRIL NDEGEYA


The whereabouts of Rwandan President Paul Kagame critic, Diane Rwigara, and her family remain unknown.

A close kin has challenged the police account that family members were not taken into custody during a raid at their home on Tuesday night.

Police spokesman Theos Badege said Wednesday that they were investigating alleged forgery and tax evasion which prompted them to conduct a search at the family's home in the upscale suburb of Kiyovu in Kigali. He however dispelled claims that any arrests had been made.

According to the relative who spoke to The EastAfrican, the police handcuffed five family members during the raid and took them away.

The five, he said, are Diane, her mother, a sister and two brothers.

"I have not been able to reach any of them on phone... even on WhatsApp... I saw they had all been offline at the same time," the family source told The EastAfrican on Thursday.


He also said that the police confiscated computers and all communication gadgets at the home.