Congolese flee to S. Sudan to escape rebel attacks

Sunday February 26 2017

Scores of Congolese fleeing fresh Lords Resistance Army (LRA) attacks have arrived in South Sudan, officials said.

A statement by the South Sudan Commission for Refugee Affairs indicated that the Congolese had arrived in Western Equatoria State.

The Commission said it had registered 102 households, consisting 297 new refugee arrivals from the Democratic of Republic of Congo (DRC), fleeing from fresh attacks by the LRA.

Their wives

The refugees had reportedly fled from three locations: Mogoroko, Ngbamunga and parts of Kpanangbara.

The Commission said most of the refugees reported that the LRA rebels killed two DRC soldiers and their wives, and abducted many other people and looted property.


The new arrivals, according to the Commission, were staying with fellow refugees at the Ezo settlement and with the host community.

The fighting

The Commission said the Ezo County refugee population stood at 2,809, excluding the latest arrivals.

UNHCR has had no access to the Ezo refugee camp due to insecurity, hence ordering it closed in February 2016.

South Sudan boasts the largest number of refugees in the neighbouring states due to the fighting in the country.