A creation of all misses

Monday November 06 2023

There is neither "Man vs Machine" philosophy in the movie, nor is it made clear what the ‘war’ is really all about. PHOTO | POOL


‘The Creator’ is supposed to be a movie about humans fighting AI after some catastrophic nuclear disaster, which in a schoolboy era, its creators first said was ‘caused by AI’, but later in the movie, by a coding error. Which is which?

Basically to begin with, the plotline of this movie is filled with many plausibility gaps. Then there are the characters in the film itself.

The main character, a black super soldier of sorts, is someone that you do not ‘feel’ at all. It is impossible to empathise with Joshua, the character that John David Washington plays.

Even the gifted child, whom at first you think to be a boy but realise is a girl with her hair cut to the scalp, does not solicit sympathy. Changing TV channels by pressing your palms together is the best first stunt they could think of to ‘wow’ the audience? Someone threatening to shoot a dog at a critical information gathering moment is their cowardly way of showing us how ‘evil’ some sergeant is? The political correctness check list is sickening.

Then the Artificial Intelligence had neither artifice, nor intelligence!

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Physically, the robots looked like something some semi-talented artisan on khat put together on Grogon Road, and the AI in this film are total ‘Dumb-Bots.’

There is neither Man vs Machine philosophy, nor is it made clear what the ‘war’ is really all about. Throw in some gibberish about ‘heaven’ where Maya, the main character’s wife is, and you have a hot mess on your hands.

It is as if whoever produced this film wanted to make all the fantastic films they watched in their youth and came up with this underwhelming movie.
'The Creator’ is a bomb that should never have been created.