South Sudan detainees on trial after one year

Thursday March 21 2019

South Sudanese activist Peter Biar (left) and businessman Kerbino Wol. The two are expected to stand trial before a Juba court on March 21, 2019 for allegedly threatening national security. FILE PHOTOS | NMG


Activist Peter Biar and youthful businessman Kerbino Wol are among eight detainees expected to stand trial at the Juba High Court Thursday for allegedly threatening South Sudan's national security.

The trial is expected to start at 10 am local time (0700 GMT). The National Security Service (NSS) said the detainees detainees will be charged with crimes related to compromising national security.

"They will be charged under Section 65 of the Panel Code (concealing treason), Section 67 (insurgency, banditry, sabotage and or terrorism), and 73 (concealment and failure to report)," NSS said in a brief seen by Africa Review.

Mr Biar faces an additional charge of communicating information prejudicial to South Sudan under Section 75. The accused have been detained for nearly a year with limited access to legal representation.