Somali president names new prime minister

Friday September 18 2020

Mohamed Hussein Roble, Somalia's new prime minister. PHOTO | COURTESY


Somali President Mohamed Farmaajo has appointed Mohamed Hussein Roble as the new prime minister, replacing Hassan Khaire who was ousted in a no-confidence vote on July 25.

According to a statement issued on Thursday night by Villa Somalia’s media office, Farmaajo urged him to urgently form a cabinet that can handle all essential national services. 

“I expect the new prime minister to form a government that can facilitate the elections as well as advancing the achievements in spheres like security, reorganisation of the armed forces, development of the economic infrastructure, expansion of public service delivery and overcoming the challenges posed by terrorism and corruption,” he stated.

Mr Roble is a relative newcomer to the political limelight in Somalia. He hails from the central region of the country.

He is expected to demonstrate adequate loyalty to his boss, something his predecessor was accused of lacking, to the extent of being seen as planning to muddle the president's legacy.

He was appointed moments after Somali federal leaders, including the president, agreed on a revised deal to revert to a clan-based voting system with slight improvements to how those delegates are selected.


Somalia’s elections programme is due to start on November 1, according to Thursday’s agreement.

Whether his boss retains the seat or not, Roble’s task also includes starting a constitutional review programme, another thing Mr Khaire was accused of failing to achieve.