Juba police release 22 road safety campaigners hours after detaining them

Wednesday March 31 2021

Youth protest over road safety in South Sudan's capital Juba on March 30, 2021. PHOTO | COURTESY

By Garang Malak


South Sudan police late Tuesday evening released 22 protesters who were arrested for taking part in a civilian-led road safety demonstration.

On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters took to the streets, demanding an end to the gruesome road accidents in Juba caused by drivers of water bowsers. The 22 were arrested and detained for hours before being released.

The unrest was triggered by an accident on Monday in which a water bowser ran over four people. Among the victims was Trisha Cee, a prominent South Sudanese singer, who later succumbed to her injuries at Juba Teaching Hospital.

“Traffic licensing office should consider revising licence issuance to drivers in general, especially truck drivers,” the youth demanded in the statement.

They also said traffic police should consider introducing speed limits of not more than 40km/h within the city and ensure “clear marking and provisions of zebra signs and crossing on the roads.”


In addition, the protesters also complained of poor emergency services at the Juba Teaching Hospital, urging authorities to take measures to ensure better services.

They blamed the water bowser driver and poor services at Juba Teaching Hospital for Trisha Cee's death.

“At Juba Teaching Hospital, it took over 3 hours to give blood despite the blood donors being adequately and timely present. It's also worth noting that the blood bank was found closed when its services were needed the most.

“Anataban and the youth of South Sudan are deeply concerned over the poor management of national institutions clearly expressed by the National Hospital’s handling of the issue,” reads a statement from the youth peace advocacy group, Anataban.