Horror as militia massacre 60 in Ituri, DRC

Wednesday February 02 2022

Militiamen from the armed URDPC/Codeco group and members of the Lendu community attend a meeting with former warlords in Wadda village, Ituri Province in north eastern DRC on September 19, 2020. PHOTO | AFP


Militia fighters have massacred at least 60 people, mostly internally displaced persons (IDPs), at Savo camp in Ituri province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The killings reportedly happened between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. 

According to local sources, the killers are suspected to be from Codeco, a militia group responsible for several massacres in the region.

Civil society groups and witnesses said the dead include children and women. 

48 people were also wounded in the attack with an unknown number reported missing, meaning the tally of the dead and injured could rise. 

The government is yet to comment on the attack.


In the last quarter of 2021, nearly 60 displaced persons were also killed by Codeco militiamen near Drodro centre. 

The eastern part of DRC is experiencing a bloody start to the year. In North Kivu province, nearly 40 Congolese soldiers were killed in fighting with a local rebel group. 

These attacks come as the province enters its ninth month under siege.